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Orange Swivel J Ratchet Wheel Strap, HD Ratchet

Orange Swivel J Ratchet Wheel Strap, HD Ratchet

Safe N' Secure

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Ten foot ratchet wheel strap with swivel J hooks. 3700 LB WLL

The Big Orange line of wheel straps feature the following:

  • Strap is made of extra heavy-duty 18,000 lb webbing 
  • No, that's not a typo.  It is extra tightly woven.  The purpose of going with such heavy duty webbing on our wheel strap is to give you a strap with a longer life-span.  
  • 5/8 inch diameter swivel J hooks one sewn to end of strap, one idler behind the rubber tread grabs.
  • 3 reversible tread grabs mean you can flip the strap over to get more even wear
  • Short-wide ratchet handle, all metal construction.
  • Tagged with safe WLL of 3,700 lbs.
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