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Access Tools
Since 1986 Access Tools traveled the road to becoming the leading manufacturer of automotive lock out equipment for the Locksmith Industry, the Towing Industry, First Responders, the Security Industry, the Repossession Industry, Police Officers, Fire Departments, and Road Service Providers.
Their products have achieved the respect of car opening professionals worldwide due to the highest quality control, consistent innovation, and superb customer service, year after year.
They only use the best quality material when making our tools and we offer a guarantee unlike anyone else in the lock-out industry.
Having a high-quality set of lockout tools on hand is a great benefit to businesses, professionals, and institutions of all kinds. Hundreds of hours are invested into the research and development of new tools and to the yearly update products and manuals.
The peace-of-mind you get from knowing you are in possession of the best automotive lockout tools on the market for the unfortunate time when a lockout occurs is what has made Access Tools successful.