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 Safe 'N Secure LLC

Product Rating System

Safe 'N Secure uses a simple rating system for their assemblies and straps. While they are confident in each one of their products, they do carry products that they consider of better quality.

Safe 'N Secure uses the following rating system - 

An example of each one can be found below:

Good - S-4X30FH-I


Better - S-4X30FH


Best - S-4X30FH-DW


How does Safe 'N Secure differentiate their products? They take into account the webbing that is used on an assembly or on a strap. 

The S-4X30FH-I gets a "Good" rating because it is produced with webbing that is made in China. This strap is of better quality than the straps you find at a local hardware store.

The S-4X30FH gets a "Better" rating because it is produced with webbing that is made in the USA. The strap is stronger and more durable than the straps using Chinese webbing.

The S-4X30FH-DW gets the "Best" rating because it is produced with Diamond Weave webbing.

Diamond Weave webbing is proudly made in the USA! Diamond Weave webbing is produced using a patented process that allows the webbing to take abrasion evenly across the strap. This creates a durable and strong webbing that will keep your cargo safe and secured each and every time.

U.S. Patent : 8,136,555 Diamond Weave™ - property of RWC.