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REV1 (EV Charger To-Go)

REV1 (EV Charger To-Go)

J&R Products and Tow Accessories

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 The REV1 Mobile EV Charging Unit is an innovative power generation system driven by propane and gasoline.

  • Strong - Up to 14kW of Continuous Watts and Miles of Charge per Minute*
  • Mobile - EV Charger can stand on its own. It also has everything it needs inside, so it's perfect for providing help to drivers who are stuck on the side of the road.
  • Flexible - Use with all EV Vehicles and can be networked or non-networked


EV Charging To Go: Convenience of Mobile Charging Units for Electric Vehicles

 The J&R Products Mobile EV Charger is a self-contained and free-standing EV charging solution that provides up to 48 amps of charging power and supports 240-volt charging. It can be easily placed on a Roadside or Towing vehicle and does not require installation, offering a convenient and flexible solution for roadside assistance services. The charger can be networked via Wi-Fi or remain non-networked, allowing roadside assistance companies to provide EV charging services as part of their standard offerings. With the ability to deliver up to 1 mile of charge per minute, this mobile charging solution is popular among leading roadside assistance companies, insurance companies, auto manufacturers, and fleet operators.


Mobile Charging for Roadside Assistance and Towing Services

The J&R Products Mobile EV Charger is a mobile charging station that can be easily carried on a service vehicle. It is designed to provide fast charging and convenience for electric vehicle (EV) drivers who need a quick charge. The charger is compatible with all electric vehicles, including Tesla models with an adapter, and uses the standard J1772 plug. It has hours of runtime and a continuous output of 14kW, making it an innovative solution for EV charging. With the J&R Products Mobile EV Charger, EV drivers can travel with confidence and overcome range anxiety.

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