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Cross Strap & T Hook Basket Strap

Cross Strap & T Hook Basket Strap

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2-Inch Cross Strap & T Hook Basket Strap

Preparing the vehicle for transportation is so much easier once you start relying on the strength of the 2" Cross Strap & T Hook Basket Strap from B/A Products Co. This is a solidly durable basket strap that can endure multiple challenges when it comes to preventing the vehicle from moving around during transport. Engineered from high-quality B/A Polyester Classic Webbing, the strap has a tightly weaved thread that enhances its overall durability, allowing it to withstand the tougher challenges that are faced daily.

Built with enough strength to easily handle the job, the basket strap is able to handle a working load limit of 2,000 lbs. It is commonly used on Chevron Tow Trucks. The strap is designed to easily wrap around the vehicle's tires in order to keep the vehicle stabilized for transport. Securing the vehicle by its wheels allows the suspension to absorb the bumps of the road.

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