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1/2" Endless Synthetic Super Sling

1/2" Endless Synthetic Super Sling

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In order to start lifting the vehicle with superior holding capabilities, you need to start using the reliable 1/2" Endless Synthetic Super Sling from B/A Products Co. This high-quality sling is engineered to provide you with a solid and durable grip on the vehicle during the lifting process, allowing you to get the vehicle out of a difficult situation with greater ease. Able to handle a basket working load limit of 24,480 lbs., a choker working load limit of 10,400 lbs., and a vertical working load limit of 12,240 lbs., this sling is the right choice for the heavy-duty lifting jobs that require optimized strength.

Available in 8’ lengths, this is a strong sling that offers reliable support for when you need it. It can be attached to a number of locations, such as the bottom of a tree trunk or on the vehicle's wheels or axle. For an enhancement in durability, the sling is equipped with floating protective sleeves. Not only do these sleeves prevent the sling from rubbing against the vehicle and marring the surface, but they also protect the sling from wearing down from constant friction.

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