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Maglite XL200 LED Tactical Pack

Maglite XL200 LED Tactical Pack


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Delivers user-friendly, performance oriented features in a sleek, tactical design and is driven by the next generation of MAG-LED technology. The newest member of our XL Series of compact LED flashlights, the XL200., offers a rich array of advanced functions. Using the tail cap switch, the user can invoke any of five functions; and an

inertial switch responds when the user rotates the flashlight to make output adjustments.

The remarkably versatile XL200® can:

• Turn on and adjust continuously between bright and dim – and remember the user’s choice the next time the light is turned on.

• Produce a strobe whose rate is user-adjustable from fast to slow – and remember the setting from use to use.

• Assume a “Nite Lite™” mode: The light comes on bright, gradually dimming to darkness. Then it just waits – ready to come on instantly if touched or moved.

• Enter a silent signal mode – producing visible International Morse Code signals (short and long flashes = “dots and dashes”), which the user controls by rotating the light.

• Produce a continuous, automatic flashing “SOS” signal. In addition, the XL200has a “Lockout” feature to prevent accidental activation.

 Includes: Anti Roll / Lens holder, Colored Lens set, Red, Green, & Blue, Pocket Clip and Pocket Clip Tool. (3) Premium Alkaline Batteries.
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